Yellow Box Honey

Gathered from the Yellow Box eucalypt species of inland New South Wales. This honey is smooth textured, has an excellent mild flavour with a pleasant aroma and is light in colour. It is Australia’s favourite honey . Perfect on vanilla ice cream, cereal or in a cup of tea.

Iron Bark Honey
This rugged eucalypt tree produces an exceptional tasting honey. Very light in colour it possesses a delicate aroma with a mild sweetness. Great drizzled over a sliced banana on toast, fruit salad or in a smoothie.

Stringy Bark Honey
Flowering in the autumn months this eucalypt species produces a clear, bright amber honey. The flavour is strong and pleasant with a hint of caramel. Excellent on porridge or spread thickly on scones and pancakes. Best honey for cooking as its flavour is preserved even when heated.

Comb Honey
A selected varietal honey in the comb, exactly as the bees stored it. Placed in a jar and flooded with more of the same honey. Brilliant. Eat by the spoonful or serve with cereal and yoghurt.

Honey Comb Section
A section of fresh Honey Comb exactly as the bees built it, cut straight from frame .

Available in
Boutique hexagonal glass jar - 400g net.
Varietal gift pack 3 x 140g net. (Yellow Box/Iron Bark/Stringy Bark)
Honey Comb Section - 230g