the honey flow

New South Wales has an abundance of vastly different trees and ground flora and many species produce a honey with its own unique characteristics and flavour, given the right circumstances. The search for nectar bearing flowers is conducted throughout the year and when the time is right, four or five times a year, the entire apiary is loaded on to trucks and the bees shifted close to the best nectar source. The bees then have the job of collecting and storing the honey. When they have gathered sufficient honey surplus to their needs for survival, it is removed from the hives, extracted and left to settle.

This process enables the bees to gather several varieties throughout the year and ensures that the purest nectar is sourced for every jar of honey. Nothing is added or removed during the extracting and bottling process. The honey is as good as the day the bees produced it.

This family owned apiary run by a father and son combination is based on an ex-dairy farm near Kempsey. However, locating honey flows, looking after the bees and producing honey means a lot of travelling; that’s half the fun of it, driving to the bee sites, doing the often heavy work, lighting the campfire, cooking and sleeping under the stars.  A typical trip is three or four days long and at the end you travel home in trucks loaded with beautiful fresh Australian honey.